Iris Belvedere (Lucy Cottrell) is a divorced Youtube psychic whose severe anxiety landed her in a mental hospital. Just as she returns to the real world and begins putting her life back on track, she is thrown off completely with an unexpected death in the family.

Xööüëë (Connie Saltzman) (pronounced as Zoe, real name Ramona) is an old acquaintance of Betty's from college, and current #aesthetic vlogger. She reconnects with Betty through the latter's ASMR videos, and seems to be looking for some non-terrible friends, but is she after something else?

Phyllis Phillips (Julie Hays) is Iris's eccentric aunt who encourages her (sometimes a bit too enthusiastically) to go out in the world and experience life. She's the only family member Iris can stand.

Betty Withers (Megan Reilly) is broke college dropout crashing in her friend's studio apartment and interacting with the world through ASMR videos. Determined not to let her financial troubles force her to move back in with her parents, Iris's apartment is the perfect place to start her job search.

Wes Monroe (Imran Sheikh) is Betty's old friend from high school, who's become popular as an energetic pop culture vlogger. He's riding the high of the public's recent embrace of "cool nerd culture" but may be relying on it a bit too much.

C-Biz (Jonathan Rentler) (real name Christophe Belvedere) is a surprisingly popular DJ and the godfather of #horsecore, a strange new genre of electronic dance music with digital horse noises. He's never seen without a rubber horse mask.

Jeanette Toscano (Marzy Hart) is a gregarious, stylish and flirty woman currently staying in the mental hospital where Iris was released from in the beginning of the series. They stay in touch, which ends up being useful when Iris needs a favor.